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nct 2018 reacts: yelling at you because they are stressed/tired. Requested; hey!! can I have a request whereby members of NCT 2018 bursting out their anger at you because they're tired or stressed out? thank you!!. Warnings; Fighting. Genre; Angst and Fluff. Authors Note: I don't think I made some of them based around the fact that they are tired/stressed, I hope you don't mind

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NCT 127 Reaction to you wanting kitten play/being in kitten space. Pt. 2 - Requested - Taeyong: *Notices you're in kitten space when you drop your collar in his lap, and look up at him expectantly.* "Needy again, kitten?" He chuckled, picking up the collar with a smirk. "Guess I have to tire you out this time."


NCT Reaction to Seeing Their Long Distance S/O After a Long Time (Maknae Line) Why do I literally make every reaction I do like a whole ass senior thesis. I really need to learn how to stop cause it takes actually 5ever to complete anything. Anyway sorry it's literally like an essay for every member, but I hope you enjoy it.mtls; reactions and scenarios || requests are always open! MASTERLIST || upcoming posts

NCT 127 reaction to their crush confessing to them . NCT 127 reaction to their s/o calling them a friend on a call. NCT 127 reaction to making up after a fight. NCT 127 reaction to going on break with you but you still being there at hangouts. NCT Dream. NCT Dream reaction to someone flirting with them. NCT Dream reaction to having a crush on youNCT OT21 Reactions- You breaking up as a prank. (Part 3: Renjun-Jisung) Renjun: Originally posted by nctmarkren. He's pretty Savage and always has something to say, but now, he was speechless. He tried to think about what he did that suddenly made you want to break up. When you tell him it's a prank, he's low-key pissed off but also ...